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We fix things where others can’t

Our customers in the infrastructure asset sector have voiced challenges in realising reliability savings from data-driven initiatives.

We provide a detailed breakdown on why the outcomes of previous data-driven initiatives may not align with customer expectations, along with the steps required to rectify each specific issue!

We turn data into bankable value like reduced SAIDI and SAIFI, and provide it to you in a way that is easy to understand and consume.

We provide a sliding scale of the items in a reliability capital or maintenace program that can give you the most value. It’s literally a sliding scale on a dashboard – you will have your answers in seconds, fully prioritised and fully costed, ready for works execution.

We replace subjective human inspection with fully QA’d repeatable, highly accurate proven results. It removes boots off the ground.

The Intelfuse core technology is called datafuse3D and it assigns value to data.

What is datafuse3D

  • Automates LiDAR processing & vectorises highly accurate 3D models to determine asset health, cost and risk.
  • Cloud based, fully scalable vegetation and asset program diagnostic technology.
  • Infused with deep domain logic and disruptive processing and workflow automation.
  • Enables growth and cost modelling, predicts impacts of environmental, carbon and fire fuel loading.
  • Developed by Intelfuse in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, Australia’s highest ranking Engineering and IT University.

Our extensive research and practical observations, spanning various continents, reveal that up to 50% of maintenance expenses can be either reduced or allocated more effectively by using our capability.

Let us assist you in achieving this goal!



By 2050, every tree and infrastructure asset is automatically assessed and under insightful management.



Never resting on what was, forever looking for what could be better.


Using the best people and technology to radically improve results for our customers.


Turning ideas into outcomes, commitments into delivery, and success into growth.

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