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Intelfuse is a Technology Company that adds a unique insight to 3D data. Our technology specifically enables the improved management of vegetation near built infrastructure.

Our research and practical findings, across multiple continents, have determined that between 30% and 50% of infrastructure corridor Vegetation Management expenditure can be eliminated or better spent.

Together with a significantly improved risk position, our technology removes the need for visual ‘human/ground based’ inspection and provides a chain of custody of what work is required and completed.

Our ‘datafuse3D’ technology automates the production of complex 3D vectors, shapes & relative measurements from LiDAR for specific use situations & fuses data with other sources such as Satellite, Imagery and utility legacy data.

Our background is cloud computing, big data, AI/Machine Learning, geospatial systems, utility asset & vegetation management and remote sensing.   

The cloud based solution we developed is a transformational platform, it uses new workflows, technology stacks, analytics and utility focused outcomes. 

We’ve created & integrated over a dozen game changing areas of research and industry based Intellectual Property into our technology. 

We utilise and leverage over 20 innovative Amazon Web Services (AWS) Products, all under the AWS Well Architected Framework.



By 2050, every tree on earth is automatically assessed and under insightful management.



Never resting on what was, forever looking for what could be better.


Using the best people and technology to radically improve results for our customers.


Turning ideas into outcomes, commitments into delivery, and success into growth.

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