3D Visualisation & reporting 


  • Our proprietary software, automates feature extraction, engineering modelling and individual vegetation assessment and data attribution in a single process step.
  • Suited to utility or vendor that already captures Aerial or Mobile Laser Survey data and has a requirement for more automated and timely data.
  • Our client engagement process includes a development step where specific asset regulations and required distances are coded into the software.
  • Feature extraction and engineering clearance analysis is run as a single batch process.
  • Typical outputs are fully integrated classified LAS files, GIS shapefiles and asset geodatabase of individual vegetation identification, clearance measurement to other assets and relative to specific utility codes and clearances.
  • The outputs are inclusive of modelled scenarios including conductor types and various nominated temperature conditions.
  • Geospatial correction of circuits and locations of previously inaccurate data are all performed within the process.
  • Specific asset and vegetation attributes and measurements are assigned to individual assets and trees. e.g. Heights, Distances, Diameter at Breast height (DBH), Vegetation volumes and Growth rates are all catalogued with unique identifiers for subsequent data set comparison and audit.



  • Our software is designed to reduce the return time for traditional feature extraction and carry out targeted engineering activity that is traditionally performed outside the process by 3rd party software.
  • Big Data requirements have been built into the processing capability to cater for the smallest to largest project including multi-year programs.
  • Provides an automated alternative to ground basd survey and visual observations on assets and vegetation.
  • Delivers a more detailed inventory of vegetation and assets including growth rates, stem counts, health status, risk assessment and prioritisation.
  • Allows multi-faceted collection of clearance and asset information and can be data-mined for extensive information.

Markets Served: Power Distribution, Power Transmission, Rail, Roads, Councils, Sensor Collection Vendors.



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What our customers say

"Due to government and regulatory reviews, we needed to know what our overhead asset status was and where we could cut costs. We were provided with a full record of the true position and status of our assets, and where we could remedy problems and extract value from our network."

Transmission Company

"We knew we had thousands of vegetation violations and didn’t know where to start. The data we got back was prioritised and specific so we knew what work had to be issued and it was delivered with a budget allocation so we knew what was involved."

Power Distributor

"Moving to a LiDAR solution drastically reduced the costs and made a significant efficiency and timeliness gain on the way we currently gather field data."

Inspection Company

"The challenge we have is to pick up massive amounts of data in the field.  Intelfuse has drastically reduced the time and efficiency of data pick up by the use of mobile LiDAR and automated data processing.  It is allowing us to install new assets quicker and connect customers to our network"

Telecommunications Company