Consulting - lidar and data optimisation

Large volumes of data and unfamiliar “black box” technology make it difficult for Power Utilities to validate the quality and effectiveness of LiDAR deliverables.  Intelfuse has a unique mix of Power & Forestry, Geospatial & LiDAR, and Software and Engineering skills and can objectively review your sensor program objectives, technology specifications and deliverables. 

Validating the quality, accuracy and methodology of your sensor based data will not only give you confidence that you are getting what you paid for, but also allows you to maximise your decision making ability from the data.  Intelfuse also offers strategic consulting to assist utilities transition to sensor based inspection (of assets and vegetation) including technology selection, data mapping & optimisation, system integration and change management.



  • Review of sensor data quality, accuracy, timeliness and cost effectiveness analysis. 
  • Sensor data specification development.
  • Feature extraction and engineering clearance analysis is run as a single batch process. 
  • Data processing and output report deliverable development.
  • Workflow review and data optimisation reporting.
  • Transition planning & technology gap analysis for moving to sensor based inspection. 



  • Provides an independent review of data quality and accuracy, processing methodology and data deliverables.
  • Delivers sensor and data specifications for issue to vendors for immediate and long term data usefulness.
  • Facilitates optimal usability of sensor based data.
  • Allows utilities that are new users of sensor technology to minimise start-up costs and fast track return on investment.
  • Assists utilities with existing sensor programs to maximise existing benefits and leverage new emerging technology and deliverables.


Markets Served: Power Distribution, Power Transmission.



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What our customers say

"Due to government and regulatory reviews, we needed to know what our overhead asset status was and where we could cut costs. We were provided with a full record of the true position and status of our assets, and where we could remedy problems and extract value from our network."

Transmission Company

"We knew we had thousands of vegetation violations and didn’t know where to start. The data we got back was prioritised and specific so we knew what work had to be issued and it was delivered with a budget allocation so we knew what was involved."

Power Distributor

"Moving to a LiDAR solution drastically reduced the costs and made a significant efficiency and timeliness gain on the way we currently gather field data."

Inspection Company

"The challenge we have is to pick up massive amounts of data in the field.  Intelfuse has drastically reduced the time and efficiency of data pick up by the use of mobile LiDAR and automated data processing.  It is allowing us to install new assets quicker and connect customers to our network"

Telecommunications Company