Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our infrastructure asset solution is focused on improving critical asset reliability by interpreting data for high return items such as analysis & trends, audit and generating new strategic insight.

These items have maximum leverage on maintenance and capital programs and our customers tell us these are the areas they struggle the most with.

Our technology and solution solve the roadblocks, implementation and general annoyances that customers have in running their programs.

How we address the problems customers face,

  • Analysis and trend review of asset health, compliance and future work projections
  • ROI analysis at scale of assets and vegetation populations
  • Compliance auditing, contractor performance, vegetation program cost optimisation
  • Asset Hardening prioritisation for storm and bushfire readiness
  • Automated processing and analytics of LiDAR 3D Digital Twins of asset corridors, infrastructure & vegetation

Examples of our work include,

  • Full network conflation audit and GIS representation and asset correction & measurement, asset vectorisation and status – Australia, NZ and North America
  • Multi year, full asset and vegetation assessment for T&D utilities, including 5 yr cost and risk analysis – Australia, NZ and USA
  • Audit of contractor performance and compliance of pre bushfire programs – Australia, NZ and USA
  • Pre and post storm analysis of asset health, damage and required work to harden assets and accounting for joint use assets – NZ and North America
  • Rail, pipeline and dam infrastructure and vegetation analysis and optimisation – NZ and USA
  • Siting and Permitting of Proposed Transmission Lines – USA
  • Carbon and biomass assessment for plantations and forests – Australia and USA

Video – Intelfuse Technology Overview

What Our Customers Say

Transmission Company – Australia

“It allowed us to take strategic and operational control of our network, we are changing the way we do our work because of the solution”

“We have been using Remote Sensing on our network for many years, but with the Intelfuse solution, its the first time we’ve been able to easily understand what we need to do”

Distribution Company – North America

“Its the missing link, it allows you to remove boots off the ground and do everything in a virtual environment”

All the data was ours and we could use it in our existing Works Management and GIS systems”

“You could smell the saw dust on the Intelfuse offering”

Our Customers

Our customers include Florida Power and Light, AEP, PG&E, Duke, EvoEnergy ACT, ElectraNet South Australia, Western Power, Powerlink Qld, KiwiRail, Vector NZ, Transpower NZ, we are Global LiDAR Partner Hitachi Energy and many others.

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