Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

We provide all the things you expect from a good remote sensing vegetation & asset solution – clearances, fall-in, growth rates etc, however, we do something uniquely different. 

We apply meta data & insight acquired through many years of managing and executing vegetation and asset maintenance programs.  All in an automated ‘out of the box’ technology solution. 

We benchmark your program against cost and risk metrics.  Metrics we have proven over time and metrics we align with the business rules of your business. 

Through a password protected web based browser, operations personnel can access a 3D virtual view of every tree and asset so if you are still not sure, you can zoom right in and check. The input data we use is LiDAR, Imagery and other remote sensing data. 

We are data acquistion vendor agnostic (use any suitable source) so are not constrained by technology limitations or obsolescence.

What Our Customers Say

Transmission Company

“It allowed us to see our complex compliance zones in 3D, and go to the exact tree and do the right work, we haven’t been able to do this with other LiDAR”

“We have our own LiDAR unit, so Intelfuse helped us with what we were struggling with, processing and analysing all the data”

Distribution Company

“Its the missing link, it allows you to remove boots off the ground”

All the data was ours and we could use it in our existing Works Management and GIS systems”

“You could smell the saw dust on the Intelfuse offering”

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Our solution deploys to any global location