Optimising Infrastructure Inspection

What We Do

Intelfuse has developed a sophisticated technology that solves a complex problem – inspecting millions of assets and trees accurately & cost effectively.

It can be deployed for any utility on the globe to inspect powerlines, clearances and trees. You can expect your results within 5 to 10 days, at a fraction of the cost of other modelled solutions.

We use automation, machine learning, and industry based data enrichment to identify every problem & prioritise and rank it for cost and risk optimisation.

Our digital data compression typically makes big data 150 times smaller and infinately usable.

We help utilities take strategic and operational control of their networks, saving time, money and in the worst of cases human lives.

Technology & Utility Experts

Our background is utility & vegetation management, cloud computing,
big data, AI/Machine Learning, geospatial systems and remote sensing.

The cloud based solution we developed is a transformational platform,
it uses new workflows, technology stacks, analytics and utility focused outcomes.

We’ve created & integrated over a dozen game changing areas of
research and industry based Intellectual Property into our technology.

We utilise and leverage over 20 innovative Amazon Web Services
(AWS) Products, all under the AWS Well Architected Framework.

Because our solution is cloud based and out of the box, it works
anywhere on the globe, for any network, so check us out.

Our Services

We provide all the things you expect from a good remote
sensing vegetation & asset solution – clearances, fall-in,
growth rates etc, however, we do something uniquely

We apply meta data & insight acquired through many years
of managing and executing vegetation and asset
maintenance programs. All in an automated ‘out of the box’
technology solution.

We benchmark your program against cost and risk metrics.
Metrics we have proven over time and metrics we align
with the business rules of your business.

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Our solution deploys to any global location