Trees and powerlines don’t mix – & why it matters.

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Technology & Utility Experts

Our background is cloud computing, big data, AI/Machine Learning, geospatial systems, utility asset & vegetation management and remote sensing.

The cloud based solution we developed is a transformational platform,
it uses new workflows, technology stacks, analytics and utility focused outcomes. It uses datafuse3D technology and Hyper-Local Tree Segmentation.

We’ve created & integrated over a dozen game changing areas of
research and industry based Intellectual Property into our technology.

We utilise and leverage over 20 innovative Amazon Web Services
(AWS) Products, all under the AWS Well Architected Framework.

Because our solution is cloud based and out of the box, it works
anywhere on the globe, for any network, so check us out.

Our offerings

Our core technology automates the production of 3D Digital Twins of infrastructure corridors, structures & attachments, conductors, vegetation and simulated critical and maximum risk situations.

We apply meta data & insight acquired through many years of managing and executing vegetation and asset maintenance programs. All in an automated ‘out of the box’ technology solution.

We benchmark your program against cost and risk metrics. Metrics we have proven over time and metrics we align with the business rules of your business.

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