1% of effort unlocks 50% of value

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For infrastructure asset and vegetation programs.

Ground breaking technology that costs 1% of a maintenance program and unlocks 50% of its total value.

A solution that changes the cost paradygm by getting legacy data to work for you!

  • Gets data off-the-shelf and puts money in your pocket
  • 100 X Reduction in Cost by Solving Early
  • With 10,000 Critical Issues Proactively Resolved &
  • 30 Million Trees Managed Highest Return for Cost

PROBLEM – customers tell us their legacy data is not telling them what they most need to know, plus it is expensive to keep and difficult to access.

SOLUTION – By using legacy or new data, our system guarantees meticulous management of every asset and tree, ensuring maximum ROI and total oversight and control – in an easy to use format.

Intelfuse leads with groundbreaking technology, offering a solution that visualises, analyses, and oversees asset and vegetation programs.

BENEFIT – 1% of effort gives 50% value – unlocking tens of millions of dollars of total value for a utility.

what is Legacy data?

Legacy data is something that has been passed on to you. It may be a vendor, another business unit, something that has been accumulating over time, or maybe your Nana left it to you.

Legacy data might be useful, but you are not sure, and the effort to be sure makes you yawn. It probably doen’t make your CEO yawn as he, she, they, them is responsible to the shareholders that someone convinced to pay for it.

Intelfuse turns legacy data into something that leaves a legacy for others. A lasting, positive, game changing legacy.

And if your current legacy data is decrepit, we’ll freshen it up for you so you can get on solving the problems you need to.

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