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what we solve

Critical infrastructure reliability asset and vegetation problems – read on to discover the big 3 problems our solution addresses.

Specialising in Electricity Transmission and Distribution and Vegetation specific applications. Applicable to Rail, Pipeline, Road, Forestry & other corridor infrastructure use cases.

Our track record speaks for itself!

  • Reducing cost 10 times over inspection cost by Solving Early
  • With 10,000 Critical Issues Proactively Resolved
  • 30 Million Trees Managed Highest Return for Cost &
  • Customers returning year after year

PROBLEM 1 – Unresolved Critical Items – never even considered it? After over 10 years of analysing asset and vegetation programs across the globe, we’ve found that on average 22% of items remain unresolved ‘after’ they’ve been reported as fixed. We identify and empower vegetation & asset managers to change this!

PROBLEM 2 – Asset Reliabiltiy – We quantify likely asset and vegetation failure items by using AI to identify previously undetected compliance conditions. Examples include specific trees causing problems and high definition asset top imagery.

PROBLEM 3 – Asset Resiliance – Catastrophic events identify the weak points of asset resiliance on any infrastructure network. That 1 in 100 year storm or critical fire danger day has a habit of bringing a network to its knees. We indentify the high value targets to mitigate or resolve…….before that day!

why intelfuse?

Simply put, when you talk to our customers, you’ll find that we deliver exactly what we promise.

Our customers have also expressed that based on their past encounters with LiDAR remote sensing and satellite initiatives, there’s often a disconnect between promised outcomes and actual delivery, leaving them less than impressed.

If you are interested in what we do, then what will set us apart is our ability to deliver it.

Our customers include Florida Power and Light, AEP, PG&E, Duke, EvoEnergy ACT, ElectraNet South Australia, Western Power, Powerlink Qld, KiwiRail, Vector NZ, Transpower NZ, we are Global LiDAR Partner Hitachi Energy and many others.

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